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Leon van Bergen 19 April / 2019 / 08:37

Voor die gene die geen mails van Woo ontvangen;


At WOO, we're not afraid of change, or to take risks. We're not shy to push boundaries, and we certainly won't let fear guide our actions. Instead, we let our hearts and our love for what we do guide our path. Ultimately, these are traits that we share with all kiteboarders - with you. And what better way to find a good moment to contemplate your future than watching the sun set after a beautiful kite session.

Today marks the beginning of a new era of WOO. Don't worry, the WOO device isn't going anywhere, and what we've built is a perfect complement to your WOO device. Anyways, in the fall of 2018, after one of those beautiful sunset sessions, we were left with the feeling that we somehow missed the mark. We came off of a super successful WOO 3.0 launch where we exceeded all expectations, and our in app activity was skyrocketing. Still, being part of the WOO community (arguably our biggest asset) meant racking up $169 for a hardware device that measures your jumps. There has to be an easier way to allow people to join this awesome crew of passionate kiters (and make it even more fun for those who do own a device)!

Meet WOO PREMIUM, a subscription package from kiteboarders, for kiteboarders. We've wrapped three awesome features, each in itself providing tons of value, in one subscription package, all with the one goal of bringing you more joy before, during and after your kiteboarding session. Take a look yourself!
The features
Feature 1 - GPS Freeride Sessions

We've added a new game to the WOO Kite family. Meet Freeride, which allows you to track your sessions with GPS. Instead of building GPS into the WOO, which would have made it bigger and more expensive (and you'd have to buy a new device), we use something everyone has to get GPS data. We can tap into your phone or smartwatch GPS signal to calculate distance traveled, max speed, max speed over 500m, max upwind angle, number of tacks and a whole lot more, all packaged into a session you can share on WOO. All you have to do is upgrade to WOO Community within the app and go ride! For speed monkeys, explorers, or simply to share your stoke on a light wind or foil day, WOO Freeride is the perfect tool. Now, you can WOO without a WOO!  More joy to you!
Feature 2 - Mark yourself riding

This one is all about community, and the one we're most excited about. With the WOO PREMIUM subscription, kiters are now able to mark themselves as riding and send a notification to those around them. We ourselves were disappointed too many times when we read that "Mike just posted a big session!", which in essence meant that we just missed a sick session. Now, you'll know before your buddies hit the water, can pack up your gear, and join them for a great session. Never miss a session - more joy for everyone!

Feature 3 - Premium Leaderboard Filters
Leo (our CEO) is getting old and has lost his edge when boosting, so to cheer up his mood a little (who likes a grumpy boss), we added age and weight filters :) . All kidding aside, we added age, weight, nationality, and most importantly, board type as premium leaderboard filters. When posting a session, all riders can now select their board type (twintip, directional or foil), allowing you to filter leaderboards for the type of board you are riding. To be fun, every game needs a level playing field, and the premium filters allow you to achieve just that. 

NOTE: Premium leaderboard filters will be released within 2 weeks of this launch - it's developed and we're currently squashing the last bugs. 

As per usual, current WOO users get a hookup for new stuff!  We wouldn't be where we are without all your stoke and support, and for that, we want to thank you with a very special offer.
WOO Discount
If you own a WOO, you get two benefits - you get a hefty discount on the annual subscription, AND we'll lock this price in for the next three years!  How does it work? Install the latest app and connect your WOO device. The annual price will automatically be updated use it as a discount code to get the first year at an introductory price of $19.99 (vs. $69.99 for non WOO users). That's less than a cup of coffee per month ($1.67/month when billed annually). That not enough, if you subscribe with your WOO as a discount before June 1, 2019, we'll "grandfather" you into this price for the next three years. As we develop, the price for the subscription will increase, though if you use your WOO as a discount now, you'll be locked in ("grandfathered") at the initial purchase price point for three years!  

We have a limited quantity available at this price tier, and we expect to reach the next (and even the next) tier rather quickly, so hurry up to get the best deal! 

New users
For non-WOO users, the annual price is $69.99 ($5.83/month when billed annually, 42% off of the monthly price), and the monthly subscription fee is $9.99.

Localized prices
Prices vary by location, they are translated into different currencies by Apple's and Google's default conversion method.  We simply enter the price in USD and let Google and Apple do the rest. 
Things to know
What's coming next?

We're far, far from done! We've developed a powerful product vision to make the WOO experience something no kiter can live without, and the current WOO PREMIUM launch is just a first step and the tip of the ice berg. The biggest potential lies within the realm of who's riding where. At any given time, we want you to be able to check spots around you, see who has been, is currently, and will be riding there. Using watches and phone's connectivity, we show you live data on how riders are doing around you. Once you know your buddy is close to breaking his personal best on his 9m, you know it's time to pack up your gear and hit the water! Combining WOO data with GPS signal is another avenue where we can add a ton of cool stuff, aside from further developing games with the GPS signal alone. There's much more, and we can't wait to get started. It will take time to get all these features developed, but with your help, we'll be able to dedicate a lot of resources to making this vision come true sooner than later!

What's next for the WOO device?

The WOO will always be a centerpiece of our experience. After all, this little, rugged powerhouse is loaded with technology that can give us data nothing else ever could. WOO 3.0 has tremendous untapped potential, and we're looking to tap into this potential as much as possible going forward. We're not working on a 4.0 version at this moment, we have a long ways to go before we max out the potential of WOO 3.0. And instead of spending our time and money on a 4.0 version (and then charging you for it!), we'll spend that time on building kick ass software instead, and getting the most out of your 3.0.

Timing etc.

iOS is available now!
Android will be releases in 2-4 weeks.  

Feel free to reach out to support@woosports.com with any questions or feedback and stay tuned as we release more info and updates.


ESComputers 19 April / 2019 / 16:20

Heb jij een iPhone of wat anders ?

ESComputers had een 3 sterren sessie in Workum met maar liefst 14 - 17 knots op zijn North Rhino (2009)

Leon van Bergen 19 April / 2019 / 20:53

Een IPhone en een Apple watch... maare, watdan?

Voeah 19 April / 2019 / 21:54

@ leon van bergen, dat had ik ook na het lezen van die mail{#emotions_dlg.nooo.gif}  wat bedoelen ze nou eigenlijk?

ESComputers 19 April / 2019 / 23:10

iOS is available now! daarom

Die korting zou die eenmalig zijn btw, omdat het jaarlijks vernieuwd word ? Hmmm het staat er geloof ik niet eens bij. Ik wilde uit gaan van het ergste geval. Non woo users betalen dan $69.99 Maar ik heb natuurlijk een WOO.

Ohw en moet allemaal ook nog eens live gaan werken hoe een rider presteerd tijdens zijn sessie ? Ik weet niet of dat allemaal al werkt. Want volgens mij is er ook een leaderboard voor freeride maar die is nog leeg, maar mensen hebben al wel een sessie gehad. Ohw staat er ook bij dat dat voor een volgende update is.

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ESComputers had een 3 sterren sessie in Workum met maar liefst 14 - 17 knots op zijn North Rhino (2009)