Affordable and fitting pads and straps for large feet with boots !SOLVED!

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Egillissen 12 May / 2019 / 10:01
Affordable pads and straps for large feet !SOLVED!

Ok I will write this mail in english to serve most. 

I have been in an month long journey to find the right straps to hold my feet. I like a strong hold, grip underneath my heal (also with boots), and I want to be able to use the set with boots and without and with boots still have easy acces and a solid hold. (my end result is in the bottom in bold)
I found:
-Nobile pads where favourite amongst people with big feet because they are avaible in L/XL size. And also they are avaible in a ratched version and a strap version. With the comment i found that someone found the ratched ones stiffer then the straps version
-People where in general most fond of the Naish Apex but they where not so good with boots and especially not good for bigger wider feet.
-Also a lot of people liked the duotone entity because you can also adjust the width for with or without boots. Be carefull with the entities that they are made for the north rail system and only fit in some positions on boards with regular inserts. 
-People spoke about the crazyfly pads as being good for big feet too.
-also found the curved ultra pads and straps wich look AMAZING. I tried them on and they where really hard. Also they have the core mounting system that fits really bad on a board with inserts. It is a really nice keay feature that you can ratch them solid on your feet so they are similar to a boot feeling. They are expensive, but look amazing :).
-people where happy with liquid force pads because they also come in XL
-these sandal version ones look really ugly and heavy and really comfy, i would love to give them a trie, should also be good for big feet.
-also one i really wanted to try, the shinn sneakers. Should also be really good for big feet they are on the market with straps or with ratched.
-I found out that the 2 strap pads are not my cup of tea. Somehow putting a strap above my toes does not really give extra support. It does limit me from sliding in my foot in the pad, especially with boots. I like to curl op my tows upwards behind my strap and for that a single strap just works better. Maybe if you curl your toes down behind the toe rail it might be nice to have a strap above your feet, but for me it was not the case.
I tried:
1 My old gaastra vision pads where fine, but they died after 10 years...
2 Lieuwe pads (found them slippery on my heel with boots)
3 the versus / Mark pads (that are in my opinion no different then these 60 euro versions I did not really like them, but it was long ago. They did not end my search....
3 Duotone Entity I tried them, they where light but I found the materials used lightweight and not very quality resembling or sturdy. Also they are made for the north rail system and thus dont fit really well with inserts.
4 The Cabrinha H2O bindings wicht i thought to solve everything.... They have 2 straps (see last point in what i found above here). I found them really heavy and really big. Buying a lightweight board felt useless with these on it... They fitted my size 47, but almost came over the edge of my board. Also the 360 strap system, putting a neopreen sleeve around your foot, did not support my size so I had to leave the straps underneath open to use the straps Then the adjustablility to move the 4 connection points of the straps. It looks nice, put the strap is so solid, it actually doesn't do much... The duotones where a lot softer and also more adjustable in that sence. I will sell these and move to the next ones. If you wanna try a cheaper version, try these from yeti
5 Flysurfer galaxy pads. I loved these. Easy, small, light, and snugg around my foot. With my size 47 my toes just passed the edge, but that did not feel as a problem. Doing some research on internet I ended op with Yeti kite boarding who sell them for a third of the price and they are exactly the same except for the print... here are the pads and just add a quick strap to finish off :). Also a lot of other pads available for a really good price, that are similar to pads other brands sell for 3 times as much. NOW comes the really good part. They also have an XL version, supporting up to size 45-49 that also has an extra large strap! I am buying these now and hopefully end my search. I found this guy on ebay who sells them, good service and quick respons. Send him a message, and your size 45 and up are good to go
Comfort set in different colors in the none XL version just message the ebay guy.
exclusive pro = the same pad as the flysurfer wich costs 190euros!
extra links: also sells affordable yeti pads sp boards sells really nice pads and also allows you to make a custom pad not cheap, but really custom.
Hope I helped some of you guys with this. I also bought a full white exclusive pro regular size set to try, and extra comfortable Xl pads to try. I will update about these and the exclusive pro XL pads. 
Hang loose, Erwin.