Zaken partner of investeren in Pousada in Ilha do Guajiru

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nostress 21 February / 2020 / 15:42

Hi mede-kiters,

Voor diegene die interesse hebben in een avontuur in Brazilie, ik heb een plan voor een (vnl) Nederlandse pousada in Ilha do Guajiru. Onderstaand een kleine omschrijving van het land wat ik reeds bezit en waar ik naar op zoek ben (in het engels want dat begrijpen we toch allemaal). Als je interesse hebt hoor ik het graag!


I have two plots of land, on the waterfront of the lagoon, in Ilha do Guajiru and I am looking for a business partner (or investors) to build up the business.

Both plots (1st 350M2 & 2nd 2100M2) offer a great opportunity and I am open to suggestions as well. I have worked and lived in this place for a few years and not only is it perfect for kiting, the traffic it brings during the entire season is large and diverse making it an excellent business opportunity as well.

On the small plot there is already a restaurant & bar (including a small 1 bedroom house) and ready to go; it just needs some additional rooms build and then it's plug & play. The bigger plot has bigger plans but will take a bit longer to develop fully

I am currently no longer living there, but eager to move back and focus on this 100%. Looking for either a full on business partner or some other form of co-ownership/investment can be found for those potentially interested in this venture.

If you are interested to learn more send me a private note and we can discuss further.
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