Surfer's Ear Treatment

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Lena-Marie 19 January / 2021 / 13:44

Hi everyone, are you also affected by Surfer’s Ear and cannot enjoy your water sport hobby anymore? Then I have the perfect solution for the problem. On the internet I came across the least invasive surgery which is on the market. Kitekahunas organizes a Surfer’s Ear Medical Trip in Cape Town, including a kitesurfing course, the surgery, and a two-week sightseeing program. The best thing is that the whole trip costs less than just the surgery in other countries. Furthermore, you are healed within a very short time and you can directly go back into the water after the trip. Check it out:

washichi 27 January / 2021 / 18:37

Amazing! Maybe I can combine this with my ACL surgery medical roadrip in Zambia.

washichi had een 4 sterren sessie in Brouwersdam met maar liefst 13 - 20 knots op zijn Zian Hantu v2 (2016)

Piede 29 January / 2021 / 06:56

Bij mij deed de link het niet, deze wel als het goed is:

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