PIQ stop ermee, niet grappig

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madsoldier01 26 March / 2021 / 20:34

Net mail gehad dat PIQ stop. Mijn PIQ van 200€ is nu niets meer waard en kan hem in de vuilbak gooien want er is geen app om hem uit te lezen enz.
Zij die willen, teken de petitie a.u.b.

can you ask your friends to sign a petition


PIQ adventure just ended

Dear PIQ community,

We regret to inform you that after 6 exciting years, the PIQ adventure has ended on March 23rd, 2021.

During all these years, we hope that you were able to progress in our target sports which were Skiing, Golf, Tennis, Kite and Boxing. You have shared with us your progress, your challenges, your joys of measuring your performance, and this has been a great comfort to us.

The cessation of sport during a good part 2020 because of Covid -19 has been a real blow to our ressources and we have to say goodbye with much regret.

We thank you very much for your support and your confidence during all these years.

Stay Safe

The PIQ Team

To be practical, it means that:

the sport applications will no longer be available for download on the store starting March 29th (minus time needed from Store(s) to update the status)
you will no longer receive leaderboard e-mails starting March 29th
you will not be able to log into the application anymore in a couple of weeks
servers will be completely shut down in a couple of weeks
Our great support team had to say goodbye too and will not be available to answer.

Like you I like a lot of things, so enjoy live :)

Rbeijers 27 March / 2021 / 12:06

Getekend en doorgestuurd onze groepsapp