North Jaime 2016 verloren Maasvlakte

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bonzai 26 November / 2017 / 21:37


unfortunately I have lost my beloved North Jaime at Maasvlakte on Saturday 25.11. Wind was from west but with the current I think it will drift towards Stellendam or Ouddorp. I would love if someone finds it and I can get it back. There is a finders reward of course. I have a sticker with name and telephone number on it but I do not know if it lasts some days in the water.

Thanks in advance

bonzai 27 November / 2017 / 17:44

Dear Gercoijben,

Of course I can. It has the 2016 NTT Binding, no Handle mounted, a Woo mount and a Sticker with "Wind Riders" on it.

Kind regards