Gopro hero 6 verloren 1 november rockanje (2e slag)

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PatrickT 03 November / 2018 / 17:38


unfortunately i lost my go pro 6  on 1 november in rockanje because my fin mount broke apart. If the the flood has washed it up and someone found it, polease contact me. Thank You.


et1961 03 November / 2018 / 17:49

Always use a safety line attached at your camera(housing). Especially if you use a fin or board mount, forces on the camera(housing) are quit big and you will easily loose your expensive camera!

Tip 2;  put a small text file with your name, address, email and phone nummer directly in the root of your micro-SD card, so people who find your camera are able to find out from who the camera is and can contact you!

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