Lost Kiteboard at koele costa beach

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Jessez 02 June / 2020 / 09:36

hello Guys, unfortunately i lost my Kiteboard two days ago at koele costa beach. It is a crazy fly allround in the colour green/blue. It’s my first Board what i bought so for me kind of special. I was quiet far outside so I have no idea where it comes out, from the wind maybe in den Haag. If you hear anything around , i would appreciate if you would let me know:) I’m happy to pay a finders reward as well. Best greets, Jesse

Robbert014 02 June / 2020 / 16:05

So you were kitesurfing in offshore winds at an illegal spot (saturday and sunday the wind in Noordwijk was offshore and you can't kite at the koele costa, only at beach break and KSN)? Nice...

Haven't heard anything though, did you contact the KNRM (coast guard)? The employees from the seal rescue service (EHBZ) also sometimes pick up boards, perhaps its worth it trying to contact them.

Leon van Bergen 02 June / 2020 / 19:21

Lost your board in offshore winds, there is no better lesson!