slingshot bar verloren in kijkduin

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pietro 20 November / 2020 / 10:12

Hi everyone, 

yesterday (19/11) I forgot my slingshot black and white bar at kijkduin. between the Bird beach club and Blow. I came back there in the evening but it was gone. I would appreciate if someone could help. 


Baracruz 28 December / 2020 / 15:17


Someone found a slingshot kitebar and posted it on marktplaats (20/11/2020):

I sent him a message and he told me he can't reach you (he signed up for and is still waiting for approval).

Good Luck

RobbyNitroz 30 December / 2020 / 12:37

RobbyNitroz had een 5 sterren sessie in Zandvoort met maar liefst 15 - 20 knots op zijn SlingShot Wave SST (2017)

pietro 30 December / 2020 / 16:00

{#emotions_dlg.shiny.gif} thank you very much !! I never expected to find it back. I contacted Joris from marktplaats and he told me that it corresponds to mine. I'll go get it when I come back to the Netherlands. 

Baracruz 31 December / 2020 / 10:56

@Pietro: good for you!{#emotions_dlg.thumbsup.gif}


@ROBBYNITROZ: nee, dat is weer iemand anders die een slingshot bar mist. Die heb ik gevonden op 24/12... Deze barretjes zijn blijkbaar populair om in Kijkduin vergeten te worden.{#emotions_dlg.schater.gif}