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Peete 18 February / 2019 / 12:13

Hi! I will be moving to the Hague and I am in the process of searching for a flat near the beach. I am of course looking for a flat which is closest to the spot :). Do you recommend living near Kijkduin or Scheveningen?
I've been kiting for ~5 years, so I consider myself advanced.
I looked up the spots Scheveningen and Kijkduin, but I was wondering if you could share some details about the spots. Is kiting allowed anywhere on the beach, even between these 2 spots?
Are there pure surfing/swimming areas which kiters should avoid? How is it with leaving your stuff on the beach while kiting? Do people steal it? :) Is it better to pay for beach access and leave your stuff at the kitecentre?




Eric6bft 19 February / 2019 / 09:40


Hey Pete,

Welcome! First, try to find an apartment/flat. The housing market is rather difficult, to say the least. Kijkduin has a flat water spot called Zandmotor, the surf of the sea and more important, plenty of space on the beach. Scheveningen and Kijkduin are the designated kitespots. Launching and beaching outside these areas is not allowed. The kitespots are shared with swimmers. But this is Holland, when it blows it's cold so you won't see much swimmers. We don't have paid beaches, all is public area. You can leave your stuff on the beach. There are no public facilities such as a kitecenter. Theft of kite gear is not a real problem.

I hope this answers your questions. See you on the beach!

Kind regards, Eric (


djeverest 04 March / 2019 / 09:58

Hi Pete, concerning Scheveningen: feel free to pass by some time at surf club Jumpteam Scheveningen and ask around for the local conditions, facilities and regulations.

A board with regulations of kite spot Scheveningen is hanging on the building outside (at the entrance). In short: there are 2 specific zones for watersports (one for surfers and one for kite/windsurfers) so have a look at it.

With more than 1500 members Jumpteam is one of the biggest kite/wind/surfclubs in the Netherlands.

djeverest had een 4 sterren sessie in Scheveningen met maar liefst 14 - 20 knots op zijn F-One Bandit V (2012)

Peete 12 March / 2019 / 17:34


thanks a lot for the info. In addition I am attaching zones from jumpteam's page: