Ben Wilson Resin8 5.10 (2011)

Gear Specs

  • Jaar: 2011
  • Board Merk: Ben Wilson
  • Board Naam: Resin8 5.10
  • Board Type: Surf
  • Board Karakter: Wave
  • Aantal vinnen: 3
  • Maat vinnen:



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  • Pop
  • Upwind
  • Freestyle
  • Waves
  • Wakestyle
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Gear Info

Resin 8 Ben Wilson signature 5'10

Dimensions: 5'10" x 18 3/8" x 2 1/4"
Shape: Round Squash Tail
Width: Tail 14" Nose 11 1/4"
Rocker: Tail 2" Nose 4 5/8"

The 5'10 are based off the exact same template; we have just made it in two different sizes so it will suit the young grom, girls or average size guys.

This shape has a nice curvy flowing outline, slight bump above the fins. Fullish tucked rails, not too thick, not too thin, perfect hidden thickness. Single to double concave, with single running out the last five inches of the tail. Very good beach break board, good for groveling, but yet high performance qualities that will help it work good in decent waves as well.

Resin8 surfboards are built with a unique hand shaped, hand laminated, vacuum formed composite process, resulting in unparalleled quality and performance.

Most production kitesurf boards are made with epoxy resin, and relatively low-cost moulded and basic lay-up construction processes. In order to make them strong enough for kitesurfing, many of the production kitesurf boards are very heavy and stiff compared to polyester surfboards. In addition, most production kitesurfing boards are machine shaped, and based on unproven designs.

"My signature line of boards feel great and I'm excited to ride them. I'd be very surprised if anyone at all did not like the way the resin 8 constructions felt. Although they are stronger than the average surfboard, they are still not made to go out and do massive jumps, or kite loops, as they're designed with strength in mind for riding the actual waves like a surfer or tow surfer would.

Please don't be confused by the amount of boards to pick from. The reason I have offered so many sizes is because I wanted to cover everyone from the young groms, to girls, as well as the bigger guys, and everything in between. " Says Ben

Sizing guideline

5'10 Suits riders under 70 kg (145 lbs )
6'0 Suits riders 75 - 80 kg (165- 176 lbs )
6'1 Suits riders 80 - 85kg ( 176 - 187 lbs )
6'3 Suits riders over 90 kg ( 200 lbs )
If you ride in high winds you go down one size bracket.

Boards come with Ben's FCS signature fins, but not foot straps or tail pads.

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