Cabrinha Caliber (2011)

Gear Specs

  • Jaar: 2011
  • Board Merk: Cabrinha
  • Board Naam: Caliber
  • Board Type: Twintip
  • Board Karakter: Freeride / Allround
  • Aantal vinnen: 4
  • Maat vinnen:


125 x 38 , 127 x 38 , 130 x 40 , 133 x 41 , 136 x 42 , 139 x 43

Gear Rating

  • Pop
  • Upwind
  • Freestyle
  • Waves
  • Wakestyle
  • Kwaliteit
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Gear Info

The Caliber is serious about freestyle and freeriding. If you want to ride fast and hard then the Caliber is made just for you. The Caliber has a lower rocker line than the Custom which makes this board crisp and lively.

It accelerates quickly out of the gates and keeps its speed through the lulls. The Caliber's outline and flex pattern give the board mad pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. Sporting a quad concave bottom, the Caliber holds steady in high winds or choppy water.


Caliber XO

When it comes to kiteboarding girls want the same performance products as the guys. So we bring to you the Caliber XO girls model.

Developed together with the iconic Susi Mai, the Caliber XO is smaller and lighter than a typical mens model. Based on the winning Caliber design, the 125 cm Caliber XO is perfectly suited for serious Freestyle and Freeriding. The Caliber XO has all the performance and construction of its bigger brother, but none of the testosterone.

125 cm x 38
130 cm x 40

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