Zian Aquilla V2 (2016)

Gear Specs

  • Jaar: 2016
  • Kite Merk: Zian
  • Kite Naam: Aquilla V2
  • Kite Type: Delta
  • Kite Karakter: Freeride / Allround
  • Aantal struts: 3
  • Oppompen via 1 ventiel: Ja
  • Bridle (toming): Ja


7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 12 , 14 , 16

Gear Rating

  • Windbereik
  • Bardruk
  • Boost
  • Hangtime
  • Bar Safety
  • Bouwkwaliteit
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Gear Info

Suited for anyone from beginner to pro, the Aquila VII, our flagship kite, provides the perfect amount of feedback for unmatched comfort and control, instilling a sense of connection, confidence and effortless performance.


Designed to do the hard work for you, the Aquila VII also features ultra-efficient upwind reach, instant auto relaunch, mega low-wind power, crisp high-end control, a unique no-stall design, and Zian’s 14mm Lightspeed One-Pump for rapid inflation and breakdown.


With hassle-free block pulleys on the bridle, this 4-line kite also features a 5th line option (that easily stores in the leading edge) for those who prefer the confidence of a 100% depower safety system.


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