North Jaime (2012)

Gear Specs

  • Jaar: 2012
  • Board Merk: North
  • Board Naam: Jaime
  • Board Type: Twintip
  • Board Karakter: Freeride / Allround
  • Aantal vinnen: 4
  • Maat vinnen:


130 x 39 , 133 x 40 , 136 x 41 , 139 x 42

Gear Rating

  • Pop
  • Upwind
  • Freestyle
  • Waves
  • Wakestyle
  • Kwaliteit
Gem Rating 0.0 0 Recensies

Gear Info

-Super Versatile
-Good pop
-Soft landings

There are a number of reasons why the Jaime is the longest running and best selling twin tip model of all time. It could be it’s super versatile feel, all-round performance and ability to adapt to a huge range of conditions. It could also be its incredibly smooth feel through choppy water and butter soft landings. Some even say it’s the fact that despite the Jaime’s comfy and easy free-ride feel it is still able to produce explosive pop similar to our more powerful new-school boards. But it’s probably mostly due to the fact that Jaime (the man himself!) continues to relentlessly strive year after year to refine and improve his model not only for his own personal enjoyment and progression as a rider, but to please all those loyal fans out there that just can’t get enough of the Jaime board and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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