Scheveningen in Netherlands

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  • Water type: oceaan
  • Water condities: golven
  • Strand Condities: zand
  • Kite nivo:


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Beste wind maanden

Country and Location

The Netherlands is a country in Northwestern Europe. The Netherlands borders the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east. The capital is Amsterdam and the seat of government is The Hague. The Netherlands is often called Holland, which is formally incorrect as North and South Holland are actually two of its twelve provinces. The word Dutch is used to refer to the people, the language, and anything pertaining to the Netherlands.

Scheveningen is one of the eight districts of The Hague, as well as one of its subdistricts. Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. A nudist section is 1 km to the north. The harbor is used both for fishing and tourism. The long sandy beach is also popular for watersports like windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The seasons and Accommodation info

The best months to visit the Netherlands are from spring to Fall (March-October). Scheveningen (and the hague) hosts a large variety of accommodation, with rooms in all categories, cottages and even a beach hostel!

Possibilities besides kiting

Besides kitesurfing you can:
-Enjoy other watersports
-visit Sealife
-Go to the health centres
-Check out what kind of activities the beach offers (especially with events in summer)
-Check out the restaurants in the town
-Visit Madurodam (the Netherlands in small)
-and offcourse enjoy the Dutch national product... Get High! ;)


The predominant wind direction in the Netherlands is south-west, which causes a moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

Spot conditions:
The beach

The beach is located next to the boulevard, where you can easely park the car (you can pay with CC) The beach can be very crowded during summer, during that time mostly there isn't wind. The kitezone is located infront of the lighthouse, where also Jumpteam (kiteclub) has its building. For the most acurate rules on kitesurfing in Scheveningen ask the members of this club.

The water conditions

At the moment Scheveningen is in a lot of development, so the water current varies a lot. In front of the lighthouse there are rocks in the water, so be carefull. In front of the Keizerstraat there are again rocks. The water can be a bit choppy, and during a good south west wind nice waves can grow up till 2/3 meter. The water temperatue is 7°C in April and 20°C in the summer. Whole year you need a normal wetsuit.

The wind conditions

There are no thermal or trade winds here. So the winds are frontal. During summer (June-August) the wind is lighter. In spring (March-May) and fall (September-October) the chance for strong winds are bigger, up to 30 knots. The best wind derections are southwest, west & north These directions are all side-onshore to onshore.


Lots of restaurants, lots of shops (also kite and surf related) and the club has during the season a shower.

Downwinder and trip possibilites

It is easy to drive up to Hoek van Holland and make a downwinder if the wind is SW. If there is N in the wind you can even drive up to Zandvoort with the train and make a downwinder to Scheveningen without obstacles underway. 

Travel info

Scheveningen is located in The Hague, a big city, easy to be reach by car and public transport. The beach can be reached by "tram" or by car. Scheveningen is on a hour drive (by car or bus) from the nearest airport Schiphol.




Scheveningen is not a school spot, however there are many school owners and there happy to guide you in kitesurf lessons


A 360 vieuw of the sea and beach


Scheveningen is een Noordzeespot waar strekdammen liggen en het snel diep wordt. Er staan hier snel flinke golven en de stroming om de strekdammen kan verradelijk zijn. Ook is het op deze spot bovengemiddeld druk met badgasten en alle soorten surfers en kanoers. Deze spot is absoluut niet geschikt voor beginners.


Het Scheveningen strand stond vroeger bekend als heel smal maar wordt nu kunstmatig breed gehouden. Jaar rond staan hier Hartbeach voor de golfsurfers en het Jumpteam voor alle soorten surfers. Het Jumpteam is alleen voor leden en bied een omkleedruimte, lockers en goedkoop eten en heeft daarnaast een eigen reddingsboot. Er mag alleen in de strook voor het Jumpteam gelaunched worden. Vliegeren op het strand is ten strengste verboden. In de haven zitten verschillende surfshops.


Op Scheveningen mag alleen gekitesurft worden ter hoogte van de vuurtoren. Dit is dus aan de havenkant van het strand. Op deze spot wordt ook veel windsurfen en golfsurfen beoefend en daarom zijn er dus regels gemaakt. Vanaf de havenpier tot de eerste strekdam is het stuk voor de golfsurfers. En vanaf de eerste strekdam tot halverwege de tweede strekdam (ter hoogte van monument De Naald) mogen de wind- en kitesurfers. Let op dat je niet in de vaargeul kite, dit is echter pas een heel eind uit de kust

Vaarbare Richtingen

Er kan hier met de richtingen ZW (sideshore), W (side-on), NW (pal onshore), N(side-on) en NO (sideshore) gevaren worden. ZW en W en N zijn de beste richtingen. Met NW is het vaak heel snel heel druk door de beperkte ruimte en met NO heeft de wind op scheveningen vaak een vlagerig karakter.