Boracay in Philippines

Spot Condities

  • Water type: oceaan
  • Water condities: golven
  • Strand Condities: zand
  • Kite nivo:


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  • Familie
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  • Toeristen

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General spot info:
The location

Boracay is a beautifull tropical small (7km long by 2km width) island in The Phillipines. There is a touristic part of Boracay and a kitesurf part. The kitesurf part is the rough side of the Island, the part where the wind is mainly on shore and where the sea removes little by little of the Island.

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About the village

Although Boracay is a small island, there are a few differnt villages. On the kitesurf part there are enough options to sleep. For food you have to go more to the touristic part of Boracay. Here you can find restaurants and bars over the whole lenght of Boracay in all differnt price classes. There is a cashwithdrawal near the centre of Boracay.

The high en low season and Hotel info

The high season starts somewhere around december. The wind stops blowing in the end of februari/begin march. On Boracay there are allot of hotels and resorts. The touristic part is more expensive than the kitesurf part.

Possibilities besides kiting

Boracay is a beautifull island. So a trip on a motorbike is really worth it. At night there are so many bars and restaurants, you will never be able to see them all.


The air temperature as well as the water temperature are tropical. It can be a littlebit cloudy sometimes, or it can even rain very hard.

Spot conditions
The beach

The beach is from fine white sand. Its a littlebit dirty sometimes because of all the coconuts, and seeplants that come to shore. It is not so big, what makes launching a littlebit more difficult. On a regulair base people land or launch their kite into a palmtree. On a few places there are some boats on the beach or in the water.

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The water conditions

The water is flat and very clear. It can be a littlebit choppy. If you are looking for some waves you have to go upwind out of the bay. But look out for the reef. There are some sharp sones and see eals. Its not deep, and you are able to stand everywhere. There is no current.

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The wind conditions

The wind is more on shore than side shore. It is not really gusty, more stable than gusty. If there is wind there is wind the whole day.


There are a few kiteschools that all have toilets and showers. There is not really a rescue because the wind will always blow you on shore. Because it is possible to stand everywhere local teachers or beachboys can always help you if you are in trouble.

Downwinder possibilites

There are not really possibilities for a downwinder, but you can go upwind and then choose to cruise to another island. It is also possible to choose another beach on Boracay itself, but then you first have to get there by car or motorbike. When the wind is disturbed by a hurrican or something else it is possible to kite at the other (more) beautifull side of the island. The water is clear en the sea and the beach are really like a bounty island.

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How busy is the spot

Because the wind is a littlebit onshore and the kite area is a bay, it can be a quite crowded near the beach. But if you take your time to go upwind there is more space to do your thing. But still there is not so much space as like in an open sea.

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