Dubai in United Arab Emirates

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  • Water condities: golven
  • Strand Condities: zand
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General Info:
The location and the Village

Dubai is one of the seven emirates being part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Middle East. Not to mistake that the capital of Dubai is called Dubai as well. The spot is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf at the Jumeirah beach between the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club and the luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab. Between the World Islands and the original coastline. The nearest airport is Dubai International Airport (DXB) around a 45 minute drive from the spot. In Dubai live around an estimated 1.5 million people, of which around 20% is made of UAE nationals. The rest of the inhabitants are expatriates, mainly from India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi and other nationalities. Dubai is well developed and can be compared to any major western city as far living standards concerned. Important: weekends are on Friday and Saturdays.

The seasons and Hotel info

The best months to go to Dubai are between may and august. There are allot of hotels in Dubai. You can check or compare prices here:

Possibilities besides kiting

There are plenty possibilities besides kiting that is going on in Dubai, for example. Skiing or Snowboarding in Ski Dubai. Jeep Safari or Quad racing in the deserts. Wakeboarding, Sailing and many other sports. Furthermore Dubai has the possibility to check out several huge shopping malls and don’t forget to check out the Gold Souk (market) down town.


Dubai has a hot and humid climate. The summer months from June to September are extremely hot, around 35-45 degrees Celsius, and too hot for any comfort. Winter times are better with temperatures around 20 degrees, with the possibility to drop to 10 degrees during the night.

Spot conditions:
The beach

The beach is sandy and has no significant obstacles or whatsoever. The beach is big enough to launch your kite safely. The spot is very busy with especially during the weekends.

The water conditions

The spot has a small shorebreak and is very choppy. The water is very warm, no wetsuit need, though a lycra for sun protection is advised.

The wind conditions

There is around a 50% wind probability >4BFT between may and august according The wind usually picks up around noon for around 1-2 hours. Very occasionally the wind is present during the entire day, but in general a light to moderate thermical wind around noon is the only thing you can expect. Average wind speed is around 15-20knt at most and only suitable for very large kites. During spring time shamal winds travel over the Persian Gulf, giving some extra wind probability, but not much, as they often go paired with heavy sandstorms.


There are no facilities on the beach which can be publicly used. Bars and restaurants are all located inside hotels who ask a considerable amount of entrance fee to use their facilities. Though there are some good restaurants inside or near the shopping mall, such as the Limetree Café along the Jumeirah Beach Road.

Downwinder and trip possibilites

No downwind possibilities, trips are possible towards Umm al Quwain around a 2hour drive from Dubai or think about a mini trip towards Oman.

Travel info

The Local currency is United Arab Emirates Dirham’s (AED) which trades at an exchange rate of 1 Euro to 5 Dirham’s. The local religion is the Islam. Bear in mind the Ramadan which starts in August from 2009 – 2011. Get yourself familiar with the do’s and dont’s before travelling to Dubai.