Barbados, Silver Rock in Barbados

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  • Water type: oceaan
  • Water condities: golven
  • Strand Condities: zand & stenen
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General Info:
The location and the Village

Barbados, situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, is an independent West Indian Continental Island-nation in the western Atlantic Ocean. Located at roughly 13° North of the equator and 59° West of the prime meridian, it is considered a part of the Lesser Antilles. Its closest island neighbours are Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and Saint Lucia to the west. To the south lies Trinidad and Tobago and also the South American mainland. Barbados's total land area is about 430 square kilometres (166 square miles), and is primarily low-lying, with some higher in the country's interior. The highest point in Barbados is Mount Hillaby in the parish of Saint Andrew.

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Silver Rock is the main kiting spot on Barbados. It is located at the south-east of the island.

The seasons and Hotel info

The best wave period and most windiest months to go kiteboarding in Barbados are December to March. Silver rock offers allot of choise for all kind of budgets in accomodation, from hotels to rental houses at the beach.

Possibilities besides kiting

Things to do besides kitesurfing:
-Snorkeling (at paynes Bay, Fokestone Underwater Park, Mullins Beach)
-Scuba diving
-Mounting biking and cycling
-Surf the beautifull waves
-Visit the Harrison's or Animal Flower Cave
-Go to the Welchman Hall Gully (tropical forest)
-Walk the Arbib Nature Trail
-Visit the Signal Station
-Visit the Andromeda Botnical Gardens and The Flower Forest
-Check out the Historical/Architectural building on the island


The island's climate is tropical, with constant trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean serving to keep temperatures mild. The climate is moderate tropical, with a wet season (June–November) and a more dry season (December–May).

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Spot conditions:
The beach

Silver Rock beach is just 350 meters long. It is a nice white sandy beach. There are some rock at the end of the beach. There is enough space and place to launch and land your kite.


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The water conditions

The water temperature is tropical so you only need a boardshort. Because of the reef that is 500 meters offshore the inside area is a prefect training lagoon. At the reef you can play with some nice waves.

The wind conditions

Barbados is blessed with steady trade winds with a force between 12-20 knots. The wind is side-shore and blows from the left. The wind is gustier at the upwind section of the beach.


There are a couple of schools teaching on Silver Rock.

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Good spot but when the wind is fluky beware as it is way too easy to drop your kite and end up floating around the corner. This can be a problem as there are plenty of locals willing to offer assistance but for a very substantial rescue fee.

Downwinder and trip possibilites

On Barbados are a couple of beaches where you can kite:
Silver Sand Beach (Windsurfing only)

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Oistins Bay
A big white sandy beach on Oistins Bay is five miles from Silver Sands. The wind is from the left side and is on-shore. The best beach in the bay is Casuarina Beach.
Crane Beach

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Long Bay
This beach is more north and is often deserted.

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Other beaches are:

Bath sheba bay and Miami Beach Bay