Rhodes, Fanes in Greece

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  • Water type: oceaan
  • Water condities: vlak & golven
  • Strand Condities: zand
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Land and Location
Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The country has borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the east. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. Both parts of the Eastern Mediterranean basin feature a vast number of islands, islets and rock islands. click for larger version

Rhodes is a Greek island approximately 18 kilometres southwest of Turkey in eastern Aegean Sea. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of both land area and population, with a population of 117,007 of which 53,709 resided in the homonymous capital city of the island. click for larger version

The seasons and Accommodation info
The best months to go to Rhodes are the summer months June to August. There is a big variaty for accommodation on Rhodes. Rhodes Hotels are scattered all around this very touristy and popular island. The more luxurious hotels are located in the capital, the main villages and towns and in all the resorts of Rhodes. Other kind of accommodations can also be found in cosmopolitan Rhodes. click for larger version

Possibilities besides kiting
Besides kitesurfing you can:
-Check out the medievel castles
-Discover the other beautiful beaches
-Go to Rhodes Casino
-Visit the Municipal Art Gallery
-Have fun at the Faliraki Waterpark
-Have a look in The Aquarium
-Check out: http://www.greeka.com/dodecanese/rhodes/rhodes-excursions.htm click for larger version

The climate of Rhodes is a mild Mediterranean climate characterised by sunny and dry summers and mild winters. Refreshing breezes and winds are blowing during the months of July and August, making the temperatures more bearable. In the summer the avarage temperature is 30°C. click for larger version

Spot conditions:
The beach
The sandy beach is medium sized (600meters). The beach is not crowded. Watch out for some stones/shells/trees/cars on the beach. click for larger version

The water conditions
The water is crystal clear and has a temperature of 24°C in the summer months. So you don't need a wetsuit in these warm months. The water is flat to choppy, only with stronger winds there are small waves. click for larger version

The wind conditions
The thermal wind (Meltemi) blowns mainly from the west and is sideshore with 4-6 Bft. The best months are June-September. click for larger version

There are toilets and showers. There is a parking and you can get food on the spot. click for larger version

Downwinder and trip possibilites
Rhodes offers some other spots as well, like:
-Plimiri (southeast)
-Faliraki (northeast)
-Ixia (north, choppy onshore, no space for kiting)
-Trianda (nOrthwest, populair beach, side-shore from the left)
-Ialissos (northwest)
-Kremasti (northwest, slightly offshore, stony launch, rocks in the water)
-Theologos (northwest, flat water in Meltemi, waves in Tramontana)
-Soroni Beach (northwest, sideshore winds, huge space and no crowds)
-Apolakkia (southwest, in tramontana top spot with side-onshore winds from the right, rocky launch, strong currents and rocks)
-Prasonisi (south, onshore and offshore, waves and flat, stronger winds)

Travel info
The nearest airport is Rhodes. The nearest town is Fanes. You can also take the ferry from Athens/Pireaus. click for larger version





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