Aruba, Boca Grandi in Aruba

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  • Water type: oceaan
  • Water condities: golven
  • Strand Condities: zand
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Country and Location
The Netherlands Antilles, previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, is part of the Lesser Antilles and consists of two groups of islands in the Caribbean Sea: Curaçao and Bonaire, just off the Venezuelan coast, and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, located southeast of the Virgin Islands. The islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands' economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce, shipping and petroleum. click for larger version

Aruba is a 33-kilometre long island of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, 27 kilometres north of the Paraguaná Peninsula, Falcón State, Venezuela. Together with Bonaire and Curaçao, it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles, the southern island chain of the Lesser Antilles. click for larger version

The seasons and Accommodation info
The best months to visit Aruba are the most windiest months, between January and September. The trade wind avarege in these months is between 17 and 28 knots. From October to November the wind is a littlebit weaker, between 11 and 19 knots. An avarage two star hotel will cost you AWG 143 and a vife star AWG 620 (1 euro = 2,4 AGW). click for larger version

Possibilities besides kiting
Besides kitesurfing you can:
-Enjoy other watersports
-Go horse riding
-Enjoy the awesome nightlife
-Explore Aruba with a car click for larger version

The isothermal temperature of Aruba's pleasantly tropical marine climate attracts tourists to the island all year round. Temperature varies little from 28°C, moderated by constant trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Yearly precipitation barely reaches 500mm, most of it falling in late autumn. click for larger version

Spot conditions:
The beach
The soft sandy beach is medium sized but offers enough space for save launching and landing. There is some garbage on the beach. Launch on the left side of the bay. click for larger version

The water conditions
The water in this bay is pretty shallow. Therefore it is flat to choppy. There are some small to medium sized waves coming in the bay. The water is tropical warm, so you don't need a wetsuit. click for larger version

The wind conditions
The best and most windiest months are January-August. The steady trade wind mainly blows from the northeast and is sideonshore. Days of 25knots are normal. click for larger version

There are no facilities on this beach. click for larger version

Downwinder and trip possibilites
For the more experienced kiters there is the opportunity to go to Arashi or Fishermans Hut. Arashi is a beautiful spot at the North of the island near the light house. It’s flat water and sometimes there are small waves. Fishermans Hut is a beautifull offshore spot, but with gusty wind and the spot is time restricted.

Travel info
The nearest town is San Nicolas. The nearest big city and airport is Oranjestad. Rent a 4x4 from the airport and drive to the spot. click for larger version