Icaraizinho or Prea?

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waitz 09 August / 2019 / 11:45

We have 2 weeks in late November and we're looking for a nice kite holiday spot with both flat water and waves.

Any recommendations for what is nicest of Icaraizinho or Prea?

Besides surfing we also like to hang out in beautiful environments

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KiteShallow 09 August / 2019 / 16:30

Last year I was in Prea, the water just choppy with small waves. The village is basic & cheap to compare Jeri (very touristic). The sand dune in Jeri is very amazing, take the west side - Lado Oeste. More to the North/Jeri more wind - 40 knots.

So this year I decide to Combuco - Taiba, less wind max. 30 knots.

Rebelsmurf 12 August / 2019 / 14:33

Both Icarainzho and Prea are nice spots. Prea is not really a flwat water spot - it can have quite a beacht break, but once through it is is not too choppy. Icarainzho if I remember well has more varitety. If you have two weeks, go to both places and also explore neighbouring towns.  If you stay in Prea (is not much more than a bunch of houses and lots of sand), make sure to go to Jeri as well. It is very touristic but certainly a must visit. You can go downwind from Prea to Jeri, this is a classic downwinder. The sight of the massive dunes that you will see once you round the cape near Jeri (be careful not to get in the way of the windsurfers!) is very impressive.


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waitz 12 August / 2019 / 15:27

Great, thanks both of you. So not that much waves in Prea, I understand. 

waitz had een 0 sterren sessie in Bergen aan Zee met maar liefst 30 - 34 knots op zijn F-One Bandit 8 (2015)

KiteShallow 12 August / 2019 / 20:14

My neighbour is a windsurfer (24 knots+), he told me in Jeri is enough waves. He comes there 10 years in a row. You can better look to spots from the windsurfers. https://www.continentseven.com/jericoacoara-spotguide-part-2-video/

Djee 12 August / 2019 / 20:16

Alleen zijn kiters daar niet welkom {#emotions_dlg.nopompom.gif}


Oja en als je de downwinder naar Jeri / zandduin doet (normaal stop je voor de rotsen en met de buggie Jeri in) ga dan ruim (1km a 2km) om Jeri/rots heen, want daarachter is geen wind {#emotions_dlg.sbatje.gif}

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KiteShallow 12 August / 2019 / 20:40

Is this a better option, Taiba has also lagune - flat water. http://beachbreakbrasil.com/en/wind-waves.html