Kaapstad update

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North_Wind 27 September / 2020 / 09:43

Apologies for replying in English. Here is an update on travel to South Africa (Cape Town) and our own lodge/accommodation:

1. The South African Government has announced that international tourism will recommence from 1 October.
Story: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/in...caveats-2020-9

2. The rules may change and countries may be black-listed if infection rates rise in that country.

3. You need a COVID test result (negative!) date/time stamped not less than 72 hours before arrival in S. Africa. So you need a quick test just before you fly. Book in advance in case the testing place gets busy.

4. Rules may change so book a flexible ticket and flexible car hire etc.

5. Cape Town Kite Club will be offering a 100% refund guarantee if South Africa “closes” again, or closes to arrivals from your country, or if you have to quarantine on arrival in South Africa; and you choose not to fly. Our refund policy does not cover other things like airline bankruptcy (pick carefully!) or if you have to quarantine when you get home … that is standard in many countries.

6. Buy good travel insurance.

7. Keep checking the rules and latest updates in the run-up to your holiday.

I think the season will be great for those guests willing to risk travel: you will I think be rewarded with all the best conditions Cape Town has to offer but with fewer people on the water and more space.

Best wishes,

James / BA